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Jazz singer Ira Hill credits SCC experience

Ira Hill

By Ettasuren Yule

Ira Hill is making waves in the world of contemporary jazz.

After studying at Scottsdale Community College (SCC) with world-renowned jazz vocalist Dennis Rowland, Hill has been performing at distinguished jazz venues such as The Nash in Phoenix and Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood.

Last year Hill released his debut album, Tomorrow, which conveys in each track his masterfully articulated and extroverted vocalese style — in which words are sung to melodies written originally for all-instrumental jazz performance.

Hill met Rowland at a big band event in Scottsdale, where Hill was invited onstage to perform “My Girl.” Soon after, Hill began attending music classes at SCC. “It was always very interesting coming [to SCC] because I was always impressed with the musicality of the students and the teachers. There’s a lot of good faculty. It’s a great music program.”

Before meeting Rowland, Hill had been singing in the R&B, pop, and Motown styles, but found his voice in jazz while studying at SCC. “I figured out that singing jazz is what I like doing the most,” says Hill, who’s advice for aspiring musicians is to “keep practicing. Keep doing it and you’ll be all right.”

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