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Fitness Center caters to broad age range

Fitness Center caters to broad age range
SCC Fitness Center staff members. From left, John Avianantos, Faye Brett, Bob Kline, Beth Weser, Korey Martinez, Lori Segura, Amy Orcutt.

A welcoming environment and a personalized fitness plan to meet individual client needs and fitness levels are what members can expect when they join the Scottsdale Community College Fitness Center.

The 30,000-square-foot facility features state-of-the-art equipment and hands-on support from instructors, who have at least four-year degrees in Exercise Science and other related fields.

“If you want to get fit, we have everything you need,” says Fitness Center manager Bob Kline. “Plus we have the instruction to go with the equipment.”

Conveniently located on the northwest side of the Scottsdale Community College campus, the center is open to the general public as well as SCC students. 

In fact, general public members make up about three-quarters  of the center’s members, with students making up the rest. Many of the clients are part of the Silver Sneakers program, a program aimed at seniors.

Delicia Martinez has been coming to the center for the past several years but started coming regularly last August. She learned of the center through her husband, who is a longtime member. 

“It’s been a friendly, welcoming place,” she said. “It feels more like a community here than some of the other gyms I’ve been to.”

She also benefited from two free training sessions she received from an instructor when she started. Now, she follows her workout regimen and occasionally takes a Zumba or Latin cardio class in the center’s aerobics studio.

Opened in 2000, the Fitness Center is helping the college meet its goal of being a resource to the local community. In addition to students and the general public, the center has partnerships with several local employers that offer memberships to their employees.

The center is open to anybody from the community that is 16 or older (although a 16-year-old must have permission from a parent). Members of the public can join the Fitness Center for as little as $239 annually. 

“We’re here to help whoever walks in the door,” says Korey Martinez, who is a Silver Sneakers adviser. 

To help encourage memberships in the summer, when attendance slows down, the center offers a $25 a month special, which people can sign up for through July 22. 

Those who sign up after that date can still pay $25 but only get membership until the first day of fall classes, which is Aug. 22.

For the center’s staff, making sure new members start on a workout regimen that meets their needs and desires is paramount. New members meet with instructors to get a health assessment and, if they choose, work with the instructor to develop a customized workout plan.

“That meeting can be to design a workout plan or just show them which buttons to hit to get a machine started,” said Kline. “It’s not a cookie cutter experience. It’s whatever the client wants.”

Adds John Avianantos, a fitness center instructor and SCC faculty member, “We’re here to help people get off on the right foot. We want to help them get the results they are looking for.”

In the Human Performance Lab, members can be tested for lung capacity and other metabolic measures. Classes offered in the aerobic studio include Zumba, TRX, boot camp, and HIIT. 

Members are not charged extra for those classes. Nor do they pay any initiation, maintenance or towel fees.

The gym itself has two levels. Between the two levels, more than 90 cardiovascular machines are offered; two areas for weight machines, a free weight area, and an alternative exercise area.

In addition to the traditional free weights and weight machines, members can use kettleballs, plyo boxes, battle ropes, bumper plates, balance and stability apparatus, and the Dance Dance Revolution Machine.

Keeping the center in good working order is a priority. “We work very hard at maintenance,” said Avianantos. “A machine starts to squeak and we’re right on it. The clientele appreciates that.”

From clients enrolled in the Silver Sneakers program to college age students and younger, the Fitness Center accommodates all fitness levels.

“We welcome a wide range of age groups, from 16 to 96,” says Kline. 

For those interested in seeing the gym and getting a tour, call the Front Desk at 480.423.6604 to set an appointment.